Smart Aging Concept

Slow down your aging

Smart Aging Concept

What does your body really need?

“You look good and healthy” – This is probably the most wonderful compliment you can receive. However, the reality is sometimes different when you look in the mirror in the morning: a matt, dull looking complexion, fine lines, dark circles under the eyes, undefined contours and pigment spots make us look older than we are. And in all honesty, the skin on our body could also be a bit firmer, our figure more defined. The causes of these signs of time are varied: stress, an unbalanced diet, smoking, and too much sun can sometimes dramatically speed up the skin’s normal ageing process. Added to this, there’s the pre-programmed genetic predisposition that is embedded in our cells’ DNA. But don’t worry, you can counteract this with the right care, a better lifestyle, new DNA analysis methods, by changing your habits and using state-of-the-art treatment methods and much more. Based on motto “the more the better” or by using the principle of indiscriminate selection it all makes little sense, though, and may even be dangerous in the worst-case scenario. My innovative SMART AGING CONCEPT tackles the whole issue in a targeted way with a personal treatment plan for every patient. Using ultra-modern analysis methods, special tests and a detailed case history form, we try to find out first what your body really needs, where the damage has already been done and what you can literally do without. The ground-breaking concept is based on six pillars.

Our services

Smart Aging Concept

Analysis - tracking age

To create your very personal SMART AGEING plan we first check how you, your skin and your whole body are doing.

Bodystyling – firm without any stress

Muscles and youthfulness are closely linked. In other words: ageing is largely the result of tired, shrinking muscles as muscle strength decreases with age – unfortunately beginning at the age of 30

Wellbeing - our skin is the mirror of our soul

People who feel good usually have a glow about them, too. As we all know, our skin is the mirror of our soul.

Care - more than just tender strokes

Pflege ist die Basis für schöne Haut und damit die erste Säule des SMART AGING CONCEPTS. Doch der Dschungel an Produkten und Inhaltsstoffen auf dem Markt ist riesengroß – wer blickt da noch durch?

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