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Fat reduction methods

So-called injection lipolysis is another method which the doctors at HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER were the first to introduce in Germany. Our doctors coined the term “Fett-weg-Spritze” which has been adopted by their colleagues and the national press.

The origins of the lipodissolve injection can be traced back to Brazil. We have been using this method successfully in our medical office since 2000 as an alternative and an addition to liposuction. The active ingredient is derived from soy beans and was originally used to lower lipids and as a therapeutic agent against fat embolisms. Subsequently, the ingredient has been tested and approved in Germany for many years.

Another more gentle version of the lipodissolve injection is the injection lipolysis method known as Aqualyx. It uses dihydroxycholan acid, a bile acid which, just like the ingredient derived from soy beans, softens the fat cell’s membrane, dissolving fat from the inside.

The lipodissolve injection is applied several times with an interval of two to six weeks. Tiny needles are injected directly into the fatty tissue. After just a few weeks, the fat tissue dissolves and fat reduction is accelerated. Thanks to the special injection technique, the body is shaped according to the patient’s wishes and the fat cells of the treated area disappear.

To keep the side effects such as reddening, swelling and itching to a minimum, we administer carefully monitored doses at each session. An anesthetizing cream can be applied beforehand if required, which numbs the skin and makes the tiny injections virtually painless. As we dissolve the fat extremely carefully, several sessions are necessary. Injection lipolysis is a gentle, effective and long-term method for reducing fat. This method is best-suited to treating small, defined fat deposits for both men and women.

At HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER, we also apply injection lipolysis as part of an Advanced Cryolipolysis and Advanced Ultherapy treatment to achieve better results for our patients.

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