The gentle skin rejuvenation

Mesotherapy - The quick skin enhancer for your complexion

Mesotherapy was originally a combination of neural and pharmaceutical therapies and acupuncture. This method is ideal for rejuvenating skin on the face, neck, cleavage and hands. By using extremely fine microinjections which can barely be felt, we transport the active ingredients to where most of the veins are located beneath the skin and where the signs of aging are most visible. A special mixture of ingredients tailored to your individual needs stimulates collagen production in the skin’s deeper layers, generating a lifting effect. It also improves microcirculation and enhances the skin’s supply of nutrients as well as the reduction of waste substances. To achieve the best results possible, we create an individual mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants enriched with hyaluronic acid for each patient.

Treatment is very quick and only takes a few minutes. We recommend several sessions to achieve the best possible results. Mesotherapy hardly involves any risks and you can resume your daily activities immediately. We also recommend combining mesotherapy with other aesthetic treatments such as peels or injections.

If you do not wish to have injections, we can also apply a mixture of ingredients to your skin at HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER using the JetPeel technology.

Informations about the mesotherapy

Originally, mesotherapy was a combination of neural and drug therapy as well as acupuncture. Using barely noticeable extremely fine micro injections, active ingredients can be injected precisely where most of the vessels lie under the skin and the signs of the ageing process become visible. A wide range of substances can be used: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, or hyaluronic acid. We only use active ingredient cocktails from market-leading manufacturers, which are individually selected according to the skin type. As a result, the formation of new collagen in the dermis is stimulated and microcirculation is improved, thus optimising the supply of nutrients and the breakdown of waste products.

This procedure is suitable for anyone looking for a minimally invasive, low-risk and above all extremely gentle anti-ageing method. A facelift can often be avoided or delayed with this method. Perfect for rejuvenating skin on the face, the neck, the cleavage and the hands, mesotherapy refreshes the complexion, refines the appearance of pores and gets rid of dull greyness (often evident in smokers and after excessive sunbathing). Mesotherapy is also successfully used in the treatment of hair loss.

Active ingredients are injected directly into the area being treated using barely noticeable micro-injections to stimulate collagen formation and trigger a lasting lifting effect. The needles used are extremely thin. Alternatively, the individually composed cocktail of active ingredients is injected using a handpiece. The penetration depth varies between 0.2 and 5 millimetres for both methods. An anaesthetic is not required.

The treatment is quick and only takes a few minutes. We recommend several sessions for best results. In concrete terms, this means up to three treatments at intervals of two to four weeks, depending on the skin’s initial condition.

A recovery period is not required. You can resume your daily routine and activities straight after the treatment.

The treated areas should not be exposed to the sun after mesotherapy. Furthermore, cream and powder should be avoided for up to twelve hours, provided that they are not special preparations prescribed by us. Bathing, taking a sauna and visiting the solarium are also taboo the next day.

The first results are already visible after one session. The results generally last three to six months. If the effects are to be optimised, combining mesotherapy with other aesthetic treatments such as peels or injections is recommended.

There are hardly any risks with mesotherapy. Side effects occur very rarely. Nevertheless, slight pain, swelling and bruising may occur at the injection sites in extreme cases.


Tiny needles are used for the micro injections. The administration is amazingly fast, which is why mesotherapy is generally not perceived as painful by patients. A slight sensation of pain may occur in sensitive areas, for example when treating fine wrinkles around the mouth. However, these areas can be anaesthetised beforehand using a special anaesthetic cream.

This depends on the skin’s individual condition. Vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid are most used, depending on what the skin needs. By the way: a special combination of active ingredients works specifically against melasma, a form of hyperpigmentation in the face.

Usually the effect diminishes after about three months. A booster treatment is therefore recommended every three months to maintain the result in the long term.

Yes, provided that the stretch marks are no older than 18 months and therefore usually still reddish in colour. Mesotherapy is also performed in cycles here. Their exact composition depends on the individual initial findings. Treatment is incidentally also possible during pregnancy.

Not only the skin, but also hair benefits from having a cocktail of active ingredients administered selectively with mesotherapy. Transported one millimetre deep into the scalp using extremely fine injections, the active ingredients, which are individually tailored to the symptoms, reach the hair roots without any detours, and demonstrably lead to stimulation and regeneration. We will be happy to advise you on this at the HAARZENTRUM AN DER OPER.

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