Dermatological treatments

For a healthy and pleasant skin feeling

Dermatological treatments

The skin is the largest and perhaps also the most sensitive human organ. It is our protective shield and transmits sensory perceptions such as temperature or touch directly to the brain via nerve pathways. Its condition is very individual and says a lot about what we have put our body through over the years. It is not without reason that the skin is also called the “mirror of the soul”. Because it is also our only organ that is directly and relentlessly exposed to the environment and its influences on a daily basis. Therefore, medical care can quickly become necessary here. In medicine, dermatology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.

Other treatments for aesthetic adjustments

We also perform purely aesthetic corrections of the skin’s appearance for our patients, including laser surgery to remove benign skin changes, including scar correction, wrinkle treatment and many others. Learn more about aesthetic laser therapy.

Dermatology Munich with the medical advice of seven dermatologists at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER is at your disposal. Make an appointment now for a non-binding consultation.

Reasons for skin diseases

Extensive sunbathing without protection, excessive birthmark formation or skin injuries are a risk factor for skin cancer, inflammations and other diseases. Genetic predispositions such as allergies and vein disorders often further unbalance the skin’s appearance. The health of nails and hair rooted in the skin also depends on it. Therefore, hair loss can also be a sign of a skin disease that should be treated by a dermatologist.

Early diagnosis of skin diseases

Due to these numerous influences and their effects, dermatology is also divided into different specialties, all of which belong to the treatment spectrum of our practice. There are about 3,000 different known diseases of the skin. Some of them are very common and harmless, but some others are very rare and sometimes even fatal. In today’s society, allergic and sun-related skin diseases are constantly on the rise. As a result, surgery for skin cancer or the preliminary stages of skin cancer are now the most common procedures of all, performed on an outpatient basis in the offices of medical specialists around the world. Thanks to enormous progress in research on dermatological treatment methods, early detection and prevention of skin diseases, their chances of being cured are now significantly higher than they were just a few years ago.

A wide variety of outpatient treatment methods are possible – from drug treatments to laser medicine to special massage techniques, patients can be treated with a wide variety of dermatological methods in our private practice in Munich.

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Stress, environmental factors and a genetic predisposition often result in impurities, spots, blackheads and – in severe cases – in acne or similar afflictions like rosacea. This occasionally even occurs in patients who are well beyond puberty. Apart from the face, our various acne treatments can also be used on the back.


Allergic diseases are on the increase in our society today. In addition to natural allergens such as pollen, animal hair and food, we are being increasingly confronted with allergens that our patients encounter, for example through various cosmetics, medicines and chemicals.

Venous Disorders (Phlebology)

Venous and arterial circulatory disorders in most cases make themselves known by unsightly and sometimes painful varicose veins or spider veins.

Paediatric Dermatology

Our children’s skin is something very special and at the same time highly sensitive. Whether it is healthy or not can often be seen from the outside. This is another reason why symptoms are of particular concern to parents. We offer a separate paediatric consultation at our practice to meet the special skin needs of children in terms of diagnostics and treatment.

Skin analysis

A detailed case history that provides us with information about your current lifestyle and your treatment goals is essential to create your very personal treatment plan. In our practice, we also use ultra-modern high-tech analysis methods.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Every year about 120,000 people fall ill with skin cancer in Germany alone. 18,000 of these with malignant melanoma. If diagnosed early, skin cancer is 100% curable and therefore prevention in the form of regular skin cancer screening is essential.

Skin & Venereal Diseases

When the immune system reacts to the body’s own tissue, we refer to this as autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases include various forms of psoriasis and the white spot disease (vitiligo), which is not dangerous in itself. We treat these symptoms effectively in our practice using excimer light therapy.

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