Analysis – tracking age

Analysis - tracking age

To create your very personal SMART AGEING plan we first check how you, your skin and your whole body are doing. To be able to do this, we need to get to know you and your lifestyle better via a detailed case history form.

Ultra-modern high-tech analysis methods are then used, for example:

The measures listed below are continuously expanded and supplemented with new technologies and processes.

This revolutionary test analyses a sample of oral mucosa for genetic risks, such as how good your skin’s own protection works against the sun, irritations and inflammation. The results also tell us how susceptible your skin is to a premature loss of collagen and glycation (bonding of connective tissue fibres due to sugar compounds).

A three-dimensional image of the skin is produced under black light using a highresolution UVA camera. These images are then analysed using a special software. They are able to show the structure, lines, pigment changes, pore depth and redness of your skin. The subsequent treatment and care concepts can then be ideally adapted to your skin’s individual needs based on these results.

This defines the fat, water and lean body mass and calculates the BMI (Body Mass Index) using your height, weight and age.

We determine your biological age based on your everyday behaviour (diet/smoking/alcohol consumption/exercise) and genetic disposition.

The body’s specific reactions can be traced back to a genuine allergy or intolerance through various tests, but also just by looking at the facial skin. For example, lactose intolerance (dairy face) is revealed by swelling and dark circles under the eyes, along with other symptoms; too much sugar (sugar face) can often be seen through lines on the forehead a dull grey complexion, and thin creased skin.

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