DOCTOR DUVE Smart Aging Concept

Wellbeing – our skin is the mirror of our soul

Wellbeing - our skin is the mirror of our soul

People who feel good usually have a glow about them, too. As we all know, our skin is the mirror of our soul. There are plenty of examples: In extremely scary situations our face turns pale as the blood vessels constrict due to stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. In special moments of happiness, we kind of light up from the inside as happy hormones like serotonin also stimulate the skin’s circulation and therefore provide this wonderful healthy glow. Therefore, the sixth pillar of my SMART AGEING CONCEPT is wellbeing.

Besuchen Sie unser AIYASHA medical spa und lassen sich und Ihre Seele verwöhnen

This includes, among other things:

Fragrances go straight to the brain through the nose. The so-called limbic system, one of our brain’s oldest parts, is responsible for this. It processes emotions, among other things. Specific fragrances trigger certain (good) feelings in seconds. My spa candles scented with purely natural essential oils therefore pleasantly contribute to how good we’re feeling and also to how good we’re looking

Teas are among the oldest remedies in the world. Reason enough to integrate very special, exclusive tea blends into my beauty and anti-ageing concept. The mix of different herbs, fruits, spices, green and white tea has a direct influence on wellbeing. Besides the beauty and anti-ageing tea from DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care with ingredients specifically tailored to the skin’s beauty and health, the five aromatic AIYASHA teas from the AIYASHA medical spa offer a range of regenerating, detoxifying, calming, stimulating or revitalising blends.

When touched gently the body releases oxytocin, a feel-good hormone. It is the opponent to stress hormones and has a calming effect on the whole body. Oxytocin also strengthens the immune system. Besides traditional Asian massages, classic massages, hot stone or aromatherapy massages, we also offer detox massages such as lymphatic drainage or the very special tummy massage. The tummy is namely a very special wellbeing zone as there are roughly 100 million nerve cells here. Scientists today even refer to an abdominal brain. It is said to produce certain neurotransmitters, work autonomously, send specific signals to the cranial brain, and is obviously crucially involved in feelings of happiness.

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