The new lifting offensive


BEWEI FACE is probably the most innovative trend treatment in the field of non-invasive aesthetic treatment methods on the market, which is specifically aimed at facial skin. Age-related skin changes can be minimised without much effort.

Information about BEWEI FACE

Originally developed for the treatment of arthrosis, BEWEI FACE is a unique, fast and above all, low-risk lifting method. The non-invasive rejuvenation method works with a very wide range radio frequency that penetrates directly and deeply into the skin. As a result, the skin looks visibly more vital and radiant after just one treatment.

This non-invasive method is particularly suitable for the treatment of lines around the eyes as well as wrinkles, puffiness around the eyes and a sagging chin contour. BEWEI FACE can also be used on the cleavage and the hands, as well as the face.

The treatment starts by applying the cooling contact gel. Only then is the plate-shaped handpiece guided over the skin in circular movements. This creates a dermal deep warmth which is noticeable during the application, but is not perceived as unpleasant. This targeted warming of the connective tissue results in tiny tissue injuries, which in turn trigger the desired wound healing process.

The treatment only takes about 30 minutes. Although an instant result can be seen after just one session, the optimal result is only visible after four to six treatments.

The BEWEI FACE method does not require a recovery period and is therefore ideal as a lunchtime treatment.

No specific after care is necessary.

The result is a lifting effect that can be achieved after just one treatment. Fine wrinkles are smoothed, and the skin looks much more even and radiant.

BEWEI FACE is a very gentle and above all low-risk procedure. Some slight redness may appear immediately after treatment but will fade again by the next day at the latest.


The BEWEI method leads to an instantly visible result, which varies in how long it lasts depending on the individual circumstances. However, regular booster treatments can maintain the effect.

The BEWEI FACE method is not associated with any pain.

The skin depth depends on the individually selected intensity and therefore varies between two and four millimetres.

During the treatment, the collagen in the tissue is heated to over 40 degrees, which deliberately damages it. This thermal effect stimulates the formation of new collagen and results in a lifting-like effect.

We recommend a course of four to six treatments for a satisfactory result.

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