Effective treatment approaches for impaired pigmentation


Various factors can lead to changes in the skin’s pigment structure: sunlight, hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, inflammation, the skin’s general ageing process, etc. The result is often permanent hyperpigmentation. This so-called melasma, i. e. the brown colouring of the skin in areas exposed to the sun, remains an unattractive companion for life once it has appeared and if left untreated.

Cosmelan melasma treatment

We ensure the permanent removal of melasma at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER using the Cosmelan treatment, resulting in hardly any melanin-related spots being visible after just 20 days. This special treatment is a chemical therapy in which the superficial skin layers are removed either selectively or over a large area.

The process of melanin splitting, and melanin elimination is initiated by an intensive mask, which is applied by our doctors at the practice and is left on for several hours. Most of the treatment’s next steps are done at home and lead to even paler melasmas and regenerated skin. Moisturising masks and creams are used for this effect, which are also part of the Cosmelan package. The extremely gentle treatment with Cosmelan is suitable for all skin types, as this form of melasma removal does not require conventional bleaching agents or deep peeling. One treatment is generally sufficient.

Melasma micro-needling

With micro-needling to treat melasma, a derma roller or derma pen is used on the skin. Both instruments have a multitude of fine needles that leave micro-fine injuries in the skin. These injuries in turn stimulate the cells’ regenerative powers, which then reduces the melasma. What’s more, additionally applied brightening agents penetrate the tissue particularly well during needling for even better treatment success. We recommend four to six treatments at intervals of four to six weeks for the best treatment result.

Melasma laser treatments

The laser treatment against melasma is an ablative procedure using the erbium or CO2 laser. The laser removes the top layer of skin where the pigment is located. The ruby laser is also suitable: it treats the superficial pigments in the skin and shatters them into tiny particles which are then flushed out by the metabolism. You can find detailed information on the removal of melasma and pigmentation spots by laser here.

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