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With acne and similar diseases such as rosacea, bacteria, often the body’s own, cause an inflammation of the pores and sebaceous glands. In the case of acne, unsightly blackheads and spots also form. The cause is a genetic disposition, upon which various influences, including hormones, UV radiation, gastrointestinal diseases and cosmetics, can also have an additional negative effect. The inflammation of the pores can be divided up into three stages of varying severity:

  • Superficial inflammations, which become noticeable due to pustules on the skin surface.
  • An inflammation located at a medium depth that forms nodules beneath the skin.
  • An inflammation deep in the skin that forms painful lumps beneath the skin.

A successful dermatological acne treatment is based on close cooperation between the dermatologist in charge of treatment, the medically trained cosmetic personnel and the patient. In the first step, the doctor diagnoses the type of acne and then determines the treatment plan and drug therapy. The medical cleansing, also called acne toilet, is the task of trained and experienced cosmeticians. The manual acne therapy prepares the skin specifically for the medication and increases its efficacy. As an acne patient you should in general avoid using greasy creams, and discuss the elements of home care with your dermatologist. Furthermore, patient themselves should not squeeze out and/or handle spots at home.

Here you will find information on the acne treatments in our Medical Cosmetics Department

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