Body contouring

Treatment for a beautiful body contour

Body contouring

Effective methods without surgery, general anesthesia or recovery time

A well-known phenomenon: after visiting the gym for the 1000th time, you still can’t manage to achieve the shape you want or the perfect body. As a slight consolation you can blame it on genes, which are just as responsible for loose skin and body proportions as they are for the color of your hair or your blood type. But this does not alter the fact that your ideal physique should not just have to be a dream anymore. At HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER, we offer you a broad range of risk-free body and face contouring methods which represent a highly effective alternative to surgical procedures involving general anesthesia and a scalpel. Whether you want to remove fat deposits, loose skin on the belly, waist, hips, thighs or knees or get rid of a double chin or saggy cheeks, we will inform you in detail about the various sculpting measures in a personal consultation and will select the right method with you that suits your needs and objectives.

Our services

Body Contouring

Accent Prime

The Accent Prime system to smooth and remodel skin combines two highly effective technologies: radio frequency and ultrasound. Your skin looks visibly tighter and fat deposits are reduced. All areas of the body can be treated, including the face, the neck and the cleavage.

BTL Emsella

Training your pelvic floor has never been easier! This technique has been used in the USA for several years now and consists of sitting on the innovative BTL Emsella chair which allows you to retrain all your pelvic floor muscles and improve your general vitality as a result. Ideal for treating incontinence.

Cellulite Treatments

The main focus is on visibly reducing cellulite in the area of the buttocks and thighs, especially in women. Our body contouring experts offer a wide range of treatment methods to visibly improve the appearance of cellulite.


Unlike conventional surgical body contouring procedures, cryolipolysis using the certified CoolSculpting® method treats fat deposits on the body without surgery or general anaesthesia. The treatment is suitable for small, superficial fat deposits such as those that can occur on the belly, back, thighs, knees and chin, and specifically cools them down.

Fat removal by laser

The LipoLas® system is a revolution in the field of laser-supported body contouring. Thanks to the minimally invasive treatment, targeted excess fat cells are liquefied and then broken down by the body. The collagen fibres in the tissue contract again – for a lasting firming effect.

Lipodissolve Injection

The so-called lipolysis injection, also known as lipodissolve injection, has been successfully used at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER for over 20 years in the battle against small, stubborn fat deposits. Problem areas on the upper arms, hips, lower abdomen, inner thighs, as well as fat deposits on the neck, under the buttocks and saddlebags can be treated.


Our muscles burn fat permanently, even when we sleep. The non-invasive StimSure® system takes advantage of exactly this and uses electromagnetic stimulation to build and strengthen the abdominal, gluteal, upper arm and thigh muscles.

Stretch Marks

Medically known as striae, stretch marks occur when the skin is overstressed. There are irreparable tears in the subcutaneous tissue. Stretch marks are scar tissue and can therefore never be completely removed. However, we offer various therapies to visibly improve the condition of the marks in the long term.


The Ultraformer is a non-invasive body contouring method that uses highly focused ultrasound energy to significantly tighten sagging skin on the upper arms, back, abdomen and thighs – all in one single treatment.

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