Skin analysis

Revolutionary analysis method

Skin analysis


The revolutionary DNA test

Skin begins to age irreversibly with age. This process is genetically preprogrammed and has been difficult to influence beforehand. Already successfully used for years in Australia, the US, Canada and Asia, the SkinDNA™ test now makes it possible for the first time to effectively prevent future damage. We are now one of the first practices to offer the innovative DNA test exclusively in Germany too at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER.

The SkinDNA™ test itself only takes a few minutes. 16 genetic markers are analysed using a saliva sample that is taken from inside the cheek using a DNA collector. Analysed at a special lab in Australia, the gene test finds out when and to what extent the ageing process will proceed. For example, it calculates the personal risk of skin losing its elasticity. Sun damage and pigmentation or poor protection against free radicals can also be predicted. The detailed test report provides all the results classified into high, average and low risk in five categories in total within four weeks. Using this unique early warning system, a holistic treatment plan can be created in such a targeted way that it also addresses the most effective, latest active ingredients and nutritional supplements alongside professional treatments.


We are now offering professional skin analysis using Visiascan® before each treatment in our practice’s medical cosmetics department. This high-resolution UVA camera informs us about the current state of your skin in seconds. Visiascan® works with low dosed, long-wave black light, which produces three-dimensional images of the whole face. These images are then analysed using special software and show the structure, lines, pigment changes, pore depth and redness. The subsequent treatment and care concepts can then be ideally adapted to your skin’s individual needs based on these results.

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