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During your stay in our Munich dermatology practice, our friendly and competent team will take care of your well-being and ensure that you go home with a satisfactory result. With decades of experience, our doctors Dr. med. Stefan Duve, Dr. med. Christian Merkel, Dr. med. univ. Wolfgang Niederdorfer and Dr. med. Hans-Peter Schoppelrey work in the dermatology practice. You are in the best hands here!

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The health of your skin is close to our hearts

Dr. med. Stefan Duve

With more than 20 years of experience and international work, Dr. Ing. med. Stefan Duve now among the best dermatologists in Europe.…

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Dr. med. Christian Merkel

The study of human medicine completed Dr. med. med. Christian Merkel successfully at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn. During this time he…

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Dr. med. Hans-Peter Schoppelrey

Dr Hans-Peter Schoppelrey studied Medicine at the University of Regensburg and at LMU in Munich. He went on to work at the…

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Dr. med. univ. Wolfgang Niederdorfer

His study of human medicine completed Dr. med. med. univ. Wolfgang Niederdorfer at the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck, Austria. After medical…

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Dr. med. Anja Swoboda

As a dermatologist with many years of experience, Dr Anja Swoboda specialises in allergology and laser therapies, among other things.

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Dr. med. Antje Söller

Dr Antje Söller takes over the medical management of our children's consultation hours at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM.

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Dr. med. Pamela Mai

Dr Pamela Mai's main areas of treatment include allergology, classical dermatology and laser therapy.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Johannes Ring

Prof Dr Dr Ring is a specialist in dermatology and allergology. His scientific works include over 600 original papers and 400 reviews.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Johannes Ring

Philipp Wagner

Mr Wagner has extensive expertise in the fields of allergology, classical dermatology and body & face contouring.

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More than just a dermatologist in Munich

We offer a wide range of treatments

The majority of our therapies are an effective and gentle alternative to surgery with a scalpel. In addition, we offer a range of treatments specifically tailored to our male patients, such as hair transplantation. The most common facial aesthetic procedures for men include Botox and hyaluronic acid injections, eyelid corrections, fat pad treatments, laser treatments for red veins, age spots and wrinkles, and hair loss treatments. Our children’s consultation and allergy diagnostics are also very popular.

But we don’t just take care of you externally: our Drip Spa, for example, consists of various infusion therapies that completely rebuild you from the outside as well as from the inside. Whether strengthening the immune system, stimulating the metabolism or increasing energy – there is definitely something for everyone here!

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Customer reviews

How satisfied are our customers

Nachdem es mittlerweile in München immer schwieriger ist einen guten Dermatologen zu finden, der nicht ausschließlich Privatpatienten behandeln möchte, war ich sehr froh, einen Termin bei Frau Dr. Söller zu erhalten. Sie war interessiert, aufgeschlossen und sehr nett. Die Diagnose war präzise und sehr kompetent.

EN: Since it is now increasingly difficult to find a good dermatologist in Munich who does not only want to treat private patients, I was very happy to get an appointment with Dr Söller. She was interested, open-minded and very nice. The diagnosis was precise and very competent.

Ich war zum Hautkrebs-Screening bei Herrn Dr. Merkel. Schon allein die Praxis ist beeindruckend und gut organisiert, nach kurzer Wartezeit kam ich bereits dran. Habe mich von Anfang an gut aufgehoben gefühlt, Dr. Merkel nahm sich viel Zeit für die Behandlung und ging -nach meinem Ermessen- sehr gründlich vor.

EN: I went to Dr Merkel for a skin cancer screening. The practice alone is impressive and well organised, and after a short waiting time it was already my turn. I felt in good hands right from the start, Dr. Merkel took a lot of time for the treatment and – in my opinion – was very thorough.

Ich bin seit Jahren sehr zufrieden mit der ärztlichen Betreuung von Herrn Dr. Niederdorfer. Er nimmt sich immer viel Zeit und ist fachlich einfach spitze. Zudem ist er sehr sympathisch und Vertrauensvoll. Ich möchte an dieser Stelle auch das Praxisteam insbesondere Matthias hervorheben.

EN: I have been very satisfied with Dr. Niederdorfer’s medical care for years. He always takes a lot of time and is simply top-notch professionally. He is also very likeable and trustworthy. I would also like to mention the practice team, especially Matthias.

Perfekt – ich fühle mich sehr gut aufgehoben und könnte mir keinen besseren Hautarzt vorstellen. Klar, dass die Wartezeiten auf einen Termin etwas länger sein können – offensichtlich denken andere wie ich!

EN: Perfect – I feel very well looked after and couldn’t imagine a better dermatologist. Of course, the waiting times for an appointment can be a bit longer – obviously others think like me!

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