Removal of moles

Without any scars or pain

Removal of moles

A nevus, colloquially known as a mole, is a benign accumulation of melanocytes, pigment-forming cells in the skin. These can already be present from birth. However, it is also quite possible that moles only form over time. If the mole is unsightly, it can be gently removed with the help of a laser. We use the CO2 or erbium:YAG laser for this at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER.

Informations about the removal of moles

The CO2 laser works with carbon dioxide as the laser medium and comes under the category of gas lasers. The Erbium:YAG laser in turn uses an erbium-doped YAG crystal. Both lasers gently remove the uppermost layers of skin during the treatment. Benign skin changes such as moles can be removed without scarring.

The method is suited for all those who are bothered by a mole for aesthetic reasons and therefore wish to have it removed.

First, it must be confirmed that the mole is benign by a specialist medical examination using an incident light microscope or video-supported analysis. In the next step, a local anaesthetic is administered to make the treatment painless. The laser is then directed specifically at the mole being treated. The released laser energy ensures the gentle removal of skin cells. At the same time, it is a precise, bloodless method that is gentle on the surrounding tissue. To reconfirm the mole is benign, a fine tissue examination is carried out on parts of the removed tissue.

The removal of the mole by laser takes just a few minutes.

A recovery period is not required.

After the laser treatment, a crust forms which remains for about five to seven days. This can already be covered with make-up the day after the treatment. To prevent infection, the lasered skin area is first covered with a special breathable plaster. This can be removed the following day. It is recommended that sun protection is applied consistently to the lasered area for at least four weeks after the procedure.

One single session with the CO2 or erbium:YAG laser is enough to completely remove the mole.

Laser treatments are particularly safe procedures, provided they are performed by an experienced dermatologist.


If a benign mole is removed by laser, this usually does not cause any pain. There may just be slight irritation, like after an abrasion.

In rare cases, there may be a so-called recurrence after laser removal of a mole. Should there be a recurrence, another laser treatment can be carried out.

Laser treatment is only possible for benign moles. If pathological changes are ruled out in advance, it is possible to remove them for cosmetic reasons without any problems. The situation is different with clinically abnormal moles. Timely detection and surgical removal are essential in this case.

There are certain moles that can turn into melanomas. These moles are detected during the specialist medical examination and cannot be lasered. We therefore advise our patients to undergo video-supported skin cancer screening every twelve to 24 months.

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