Accent Prime

Skin tightening with radiofrequency

Accent Prime

The latest generation of Face & Body Contouring

Since recently, the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER has also been offering the innovative Accent Prime treatment for skin tightening and body contouring. The currently latest skin contouring and smoothing system treats the face and fatty deposits on the body with a combination of radio frequency and ultrasound. For a quick and long-lasting result.

Thanks to the various applicators, Accent Prime can be specifically set up for different problem areas. All areas of the body can be treated, including sensitive areas on the face, neck and cleavage. An XXL applicator plate even allows for the simultaneous and very fast shaping of large areas of the body.

The treatment starts by applying the contact gel. Only then is the plate-shaped handpiece placed on the treatment area. Individually adjusted according to the skin’s thickness and the desired effect, the Accent Prime emits targeted ultrasonic waves that continuously heat the tissue up to 42 degrees Celsius. The cell membrane becomes porous and damages even stubborn fat cells in the long term. Gradually, the body completely breaks down the damaged fat cells. At the same time, radio frequency energy of 40.68 MHz is conducted directly into the tissue. The fibres contract stimulating the formation of new collagen. The result: skin looks smoother and tighter. The appearance of cellulite is significantly improved. The surrounding areas of the skin remain unharmed throughout the treatment.

The gradual heating and integrated cooling make the Accent Prime treatment extremely pleasant. One session takes just about 30 minutes per treatment area. For the best result, we recommend a course of treatment consisting of three sessions in total within two weeks. The final result then becomes apparent after roughly four to six months. You don’t have to plan in any time off. Some slight redness may appear immediately after treatment but will subside again by the next day at the latest.

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