Nail Fungus

IPL-Lasertreatment, an innovative method for the treatment of nail disease

Nail Fungus

Thick, discoloured, or split nails are not only unsightly, but frequently symptoms of a disease of the fingernails or toenails, which, if untreated, may lead to partial and/or complete destruction of the nail body. The most frequent nail disease is onychomycosis, which is caused by a fungus. The fungus penetrates the body and bed of the nail – resulting in an infectious disease. Previously, it was attempted to cope with these ailments using creams, varnishes and orally administered medicines Although these therapies were able to limit the extent of the infection, in many cases no complete cure was achieved.

With the IPL laser treatment against nail fungus, dermatology now has at its disposal an innovative method that can treat not only the symptoms of nail disease, but also its causes. The IPL laser treatment works with high-energy, extremely short pulses of light, which is transformed into heat, penetrating deeply into the body of the afflicted nail and destroying the undesirable micro-organisms there. The surrounding structures remain unharmed by this procedure. This innovative light treatment deactivates and denatures the fungus solely through the thermal energy of the laser. For the patient, this procedure is a gentle and highly efficient way to be cured of a troublesome nail infection.

Before the actual treatment, a gel is applied to the patient’s nails. The affected nail is then treated with pulse light. The patient does not need to follow any special rules after treatment. For a lasting result, the treatment must be repeated eight to ten times at weekly intervals – until the afflicted nail grows out. In particularly severe cases, parallel treatments with varnish and/or tablets are necessary.

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