DHI for beautiful eyebrows

The innovative dhi method that promotes natural-looking hair growth, and not only on the scalp.

DHI for beautiful eyebrows

The innovative direct hair implantation method that promotes natural-looking hair growth, and not only on the scalp.

The effects of excessive plucking over the years and gaps in brows, large or small, can be filled naturally and sustainably using the DHI method. There are essentially two methods of restoring eyebrows: the DirectIN technique or direct hair implantation.

The DirectIN technique involves removing all the required hair follicles in a first step, placing them on a sterile tray and then implanting them into the targeted area. With the direct hair implantation method, on the other hand, only one hair follicle is removed at a time and is then immediately implanted in the required place. A local anesthesia and the use of patented DHI implantation tools are standard for both procedures. Only fine, individual hair follicles with specified characteristics are selected. The DHI implanter helps the doctor to insert the transplants in the right position and at the correct angle.

After roughly four to six weeks following implantation the first hairs appear, and the final result is visible within one year. Detailed photo documentation is carried out before and after the procedure.

In addition to restoring eyebrows, the DHI method can be used to implant eyelashes. The risks are higher here as itchiness can occur in this region. To ensure that patients do not damage the transplant by rubbing their eyes, medication is administered to suppress itching, or protective glasses may be prescribed.

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