PRP Treatment

Natural procedure for genetic hair loss

Prp Treatment to treat hair loss

The PRP method (platelet-rich plasma) is also known as the Dracula or vampire therapy and has been successfully used for many years as an anti-ageing method for the face. The PRP treatment has also established itself as a therapeutic approach to treat genetic or inflammatory hair loss. In the first step, blood is taken from the patient and separated into platelets and serum in a centrifuge. The growth factors contained in the serum are multiplied many times over by this process. This power cocktail is then injected directly into the hair roots by our hair experts using a wafer-thin needle. This leads to improved blood circulation and can even regenerate already damaged hair roots. You don’t have to plan a recovery period after this treatment. However, slight redness and swelling may occur immediately after the injection. We recommend a course of three to six treatments at intervals of four weeks.

Treatment information

Takes                         15 minutes

Recovery period      Do not wash your hair or exercise on the day of treatment

Number of treatments       Three treatments


  • Hair loss
  • Thinning hair

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