Scar correction in munich

Effective treatments against scars

Scar correction in munich

Scars, whether as a result of injuries, surgical procedures (such as hair transplants), youthful transgressions (such as piercings) or acne, are often experienced as being extremely disturbing. Thanks to state-of-the-art correction procedures, the appearance of visible scars can now be corrected with minimal effort and in the gentlest way possible. Important to know: “Usually, a scar can never be completely removed though,” explains Dr. med. Stefan Duve, dermatologist and co-founder of the renowned HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER in Munich. “However, the scar tissue can be made to look inconspicuous.” The following methods are available for this:

Plexr method

Brand new to the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER portfolio: the innovative PlexR method. This unique method is used to treat visible acne scars on the face in order to reduce them to until they are almost invisible without any pain at all. The PlexR is based on extremely gentle plasma technology, which makes the tiniest micro-injuries without causing any new wounds. It boosts the localised circulation of the skin being treated and stimulates the growth of new connective tissue fibres. “In this way, the scar tissue is tightened so that it is barely visible to the naked eye after treatment,” explains Dr. med. Stefan Duve. As a rule, up to three sessions are carried out. Also suitable for curved, raised and very red scars.

PRP injection

Another completely new procedure for scar correction: the PRP method (“Platelet Rich Plasma”). This injection procedure, which is already successfully used as a vampire facial for skin rejuvenation on the face, uses the body’s own blood plasma to activate collagen production and improve the scar tissue’s elasticity. After taking the blood, the recovered plasma is enriched with highly concentrated growth factors and immediately injected into the scar area again using a very fine cannula. “Although the first effects are already visible after treatment, we recommend a total of three sessions for a long-lasting result,” says Dr. med. Hans-Peter Schoppelrey. You may experience some slight redness and swelling after the treatment but you do not have to plan in any time off.
Fractional CO2 lasers

The experts at the HAUT- UND LASERZENRTUM AN DER OPER have been relying on the so-called Fraxel laser for quite some time to evenly smooth out large scars. “This special type of CO2 laser provides a superficial exfoliation, which smooths the skin’s relief in no time at all and visibly makes scars thinner,” explains dermatologist Dr. med. Christian Merkel. The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic. Depending on the extent of the scar, up to three sessions are required. The final result can then be seen after about three to four months.


“All scars and stretch marks after pregnancies can be successfully treated using the derma roller,” explains Dr. med. univ. Wolfgang Niederdorfer. The micro-injuries resulting from the treatment irritate certain receptors, which increases the release of growth factors. The new production of collagen, elastic fibres and hyaluronic acid is stimulated and the scar tissue is smoothed out after just one session. By the way: “The effect can be further enhanced by administering tailored active substances,” says Niederdorfer. Three treatments at intervals of four to six weeks are usually recommended.

Surgical scar correction

With particularly pronounced, proliferating single scars, the only help is often surgical correction. “The old, badly misshapen scar tissue is completely cut out and then re-sutured using resorbable thread,” explains Dr. med. Stefan Duve. Even annoying hard scars can be removed in this way. Incidentally, to prevent another bulging scar, the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER works with a two-layer wound closure for operative scar correction.

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