DOCTOR DUVE Smart Aging Concept

Care – more than just tender strokes

Care - more than just tender strokes

Care is the basis for beautiful skin and therefore the first pillar of my SMART AGEING CONCEPT. However, the jungle of products and substances on the market is huge – who can make any sense of it? In my opinion, two things are particularly important for the daily beauty routine: high effectiveness and optimum compatibility. Based on my vast experience as a dermatologist and anti-ageing expert, I therefore launched my own exclusive care line in 2009, DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care, the best of nature and research. It consists of a small but fine range of care products with highly effective ingredients that truly deserve their names. All the substances used have been proven to have a superb anti-ageing effect and are gold standard in skin research worldwide, meaning they are unsurpassed.

The most important ones are

They stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production, which ensures smoother and firmer skin.

It can absorb large amounts of water in the skin like a sponge and therefore virtually works like a moisturising mask inside the skin.

Plant stem cells from apples or raspberries work like a wake-up call on our skin’s tired connective tissue cells. They improve cell renewal, protect cell DNA and strengthen the skin against external stress.

These protein chains of two or more amino acids kick-start sluggish cell regeneration and make sure that the individual layers of skin communicate better with each other.

This water-soluble vitamin acts like a protective barrier for skin cells. It intercepts free radicals that are attacking the cell nuclei. It also helps skin produce new collagen and therefore keeps the connective tissue firm.

This extremely potent vitamin works in several ways: it boosts the production of new skin cells, stimulates the development of fibres in connective tissue, repairs sun damage, helps create new supply channels to the cells and even supplies moisture.

They both loosen flaky dead skin cells making skin look fine pored, smoother and more even in colour. Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) also have a moisturising effect.

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