Botox to prevent hair loss

Stop stress-induced hair loss with botulinum

Botox to prevent hair loss

Hair loss can be caused by illness or genetic factors but also by tense muscles in the scalp. Chronic tension, resulting from stress or long periods spent working in front of a screen for example, can lead to an insufficient supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients. That means hair roots receive suboptimal nourishment and can waste away over time, leading to stress-induced hair loss.

At the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER, we treat stress-induced hair loss using a process called AC therapy. Once we have reached a clear diagnosis using EMG measurement, we will treat the scalp using botulinum toxin. The active substance is injected into tense scalp muscles in a number of areas around the forehead, temples and back of the head. The treatment is restricted to muscle groups that are not involved in facial expressions. The Botox injections block the transmission of nerve impulses, weakening the muscles in the scalp. This allows the blood vessels in the scalp to supply the hair follicles without restriction, preventing hair loss and helping hair to regrow normally. The artificial relaxation of the scalp begins a few days after treatment. For a lasting result, the treatment should be repeated every six months.

If hair loss is caused by genetic factors, rather than stress-induced, then our hair experts recommend Mesotherapy for hair loss. More information about the process is available here.


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