Nefertiti lift

A highly effective soft lift with no scalpel required

Nefertiti lift

The Nefertiti lift adds volume to the face and rejuvenates facial tone by several years. It is a special face lift method based on the classical facial proportions of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, and is carried out without the use of a scalpel. By smoothing out expression lines, filling in volume deficits and generally giving the skin more tone, the Nefertiti lift is a quick way of rejuvenating your skin exactly where it is needed.

The secret of this innovative method lies in the unique combination of effective anti-aging methods like injection lipolysis, botulinum toxin, modern fillers and peels plus mesotherapy and hormonal cosmetics. In contrast to other soft lift techniques, the Nefertiti lift doesn’t just smoothen and refine the skin, it also adds volume and tone. The injection of filling substances is one of the key components. Sagging checks or sunken eyebrows can be lifted, and hollow cheeks and the jawline can be given more definition.

The treatment is virtually painless and initial results are immediately visible. The face appears much fresher and younger – and it is all achieved naturally. This treatment does not cause side effects or require any recovery period. Our experts at HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER combine the steps of the Nefertiti lift in a tailored manner according to your needs and the desired outcome.

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