PDO threads

Instant effect against unsightly dents on the skin

PDO threads against cellulite

At the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER we have recently started treating cellulite with minimally invasive threads made of polydioxanone (PDO), which have been used effectively for some time now to treat sagging areas and wrinkles on the face. The advantage: the threads provide an instant effect against cellulite and are completely broken down by the body within six to eight months.

Since cellulite dimples behave differently when lying down, the body part to be treated is marked while standing up first. Only then are the threads carefully pushed crosswise under the skin using special ultra-fine needles. Both the mechanical stimulus of the needle and the foreign material of the sutures cause the desired inflammatory reaction in the tissue. This activates the fibroblasts, as well as stimulating collagen synthesis, the formation of hyaluronic acid and elastic fibres. The result: the threads form an invisible net that acts like a supporting framework and smooths out unsightly dimples. Ideal for skin that has lost elasticity, as well as for cellulite.

The treatment itself is virtually painless thanks to an anaesthetic cream or localised nerve blocking injection. Blood vessels and nerves remain completely unharmed. Some slight bruising may appear after treatment but will subside again within a week. The first results are already visible after one session, the final result after about six to eight weeks. For a lasting result we recommend three treatments at intervals of eight weeks each.


Takes                                     60 minutes
Recovery period                  None
Number of treatments       Three sessions
Application areas                Cellulite
Skin tightening

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