Mesotherapy treatment to combat hair loss

Successful stimulation of hair growth

Mesotherapy treatment to combat hair loss

In the event of severe hair loss, we first determine whether we are dealing with an illness, such as alopecia areata (spot baldness), or inflammatory hair loss. Another cause could be taking certain medication. Other possible illnesses must also be taken into account. However, hair loss is usually due to genetic predisposition.

Mesotherapy is an effective therapy against hair loss. Minute doses of active ingredients, individually combined according to the patient’s symptoms, are injected roughly one millimeter deep into the scalp using extremely fine microinjections which can hardly be felt. This mixture of ingredients stimulates and demonstrably regenerates hair follicles, allowing hair to grow again.

To stimulate hair growth, five to eight sessions with an interval of two weeks between sessions are required. Hair growth generally begins after two to three months. You need to wash your hair thoroughly before each injection. Coloring or perming is only permitted after 24 hours following a session. Treatment takes place on an out-patient basis, involves a small degree of pain and is well tolerated.

As an alternative to mesotherapy – in the case of dead roots – HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER offers its patients a DHI method for direct hair implantation. Find out more…

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