Gentle treatment against unsightly dents

Mesotherapy for Cellulite

At the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER we have been successfully using Mesotherapy to treat cellulite for a number of years. The process combines neural and medicinal therapy with acupuncture. Minute micro-injections are made manually or with a special gun and reach the lower layers of the skin. This gentle method, which avoids the need for surgery, can sustainably reduce excess fat deposits and thereby improve the appearance of ‘cottage cheese’ skin.

The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes. The first four to six treatments should be carried out monthly. One subsequent treatment a year is sufficient to maintain the results. You should not take aspirin or use any skin creams for three to five days before the treatment. Following the treatment, you should not bathe or wear coloured, new or tight clothes for a period of 24 hours to avoid irritation. You should also avoid sunbathing and sunbeds for two days.

To further improve the result, we recommend a package made up of Mesotherapy and LPG Lipomassage.


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