Permanent Hair Removal

Get rid of annoying hair permanently

Permanent Hair Removal

Many patients come to us with the desire to have permanently beautiful and smooth skin free from irritating stubble. Excessive hair growth is not only a cosmetic problem for many men and women – it can also cause emotional stress. Excessive hair growth can also be the result of a medical condition such as a hormone-related disorder. However, in most cases, the causes are genetic rather than medical. Our experts at HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER can remove excessive or unwanted hair growth on the face, neck, armpits, arms, legs and the bikini zone through laser treatment permanently.

Laser epilation works best on dark hair, as the laser energy is transported to the roots via the hair’s pigmentation. Tanned skin cannot be treated with a laser due to the higher melanin content. Hair should not be plucked or epilated for a few days prior to the laser treatment. We offer permanent hair removal with the following laser systems:


The VectusTM laser system is currently the benchmark in permanent hair reduction. The innovative diode laser is equipped with an integrated melanin reader to determine the average density of melanin in the skin area to be treated. Due to the device’s high repetition rate and the extremely short intervals between light impulses, VectusTM allows us to substantially shorten the treatment period. The broad applicator also ensures that several hair roots are treated simultaneously and the even laser beam and integrated cooling system enhances the degree of comfort. The system is suitable for nearly all skin types and hair thicknesses on the face and body. Depending on the region, five to seven sessions with an interval of three to six weeks is recommended. A reddening and slight swelling of the treated area is normal.


Our experience with the third generation diode laser over the last ten years has been excellent. The high-energy laser light penetrates the skin’s upper layers and the full effect is released directly at the hair roots. The heat effect generated in this way destroys the roots. The surrounding tissue is not affected and hair growth is dramatically reduced. Laser epilation shows the most successful results during the hair’s growth phase. Because hair grows on a cyclical basis, we perform the treatment every three to six weeks over five to seven sessions.

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