Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal by laser

Tattoo removal

Tattoos are much more than just body decorations in our society today. They often have a very special, in particular personal meaning and accentuate the person’s individuality. Unfortunately, the love for a tattoo does not always last a lifetime though. Rash youthful transgressions, a tattoo’s connection to a bad memory or simply a change in taste … complete tattoo removal is usually the goal then.
At the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER in Munich we remove tattoos permanently using laser energy.


We use the ruby laser for black, blue, brown and green pigments. These dark pigments are easiest to remove. The Neodym-YAG laser is used with orange and red pigmentation. There is hardly any treatment option for yellow, white and violet pigments. The only alternative here is to cover up the tattoo; one option is a cover-up where the tattoo is covered with a new one.

The laser device is guided over the respective skin area to remove the inks. The light impulses penetrate these areas and break up the ink pigments without harming the skin. The majority of patients experience the removal as being relatively painless.

Scabs form after treatment, which heal roughly within a week. Anaesthesia is not necessary but a light local anaesthetic can be administered if required.
Removing a tattoo usually involves a number of sessions at intervals of approximately four weeks. How long a session lasts depends on the size, intensity of the colour and the colours used in the tattoo.

Furthermore, we can also remove ink or dirt that has accidentally penetrated the skin following injuries due to laser treatment.

As a rule, the risk of side effects due to laser technology is relatively low. Thanks to state-of-the-art procedures, scarring rarely occurs after treatment. On the other hand, temporary, harmless swellings or redness do occur more frequently immediately after the treatment.

In addition to the laser treatment, there is also the option of extending or tattooing over the original tattoo with a so-called cover-up. However, this method is not always feasible and requires a much larger cover-up tattoo. Sometimes a laser is used for a cover-up to succeed, in order to reduce the intensity of the old tattoo’s inks first by removing individual segments.
Another way to permanently remove a tattoo involves plasma treatment using the PlexR device. We also offer this treatment at our practice premises in Munich.

Each treatment is carried out on an individual basis, depending on the tattoo’s size and pigmentation. The cost of a tattoo removal is therefore made up of the duration and number of sessions and the laser used. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the treatment process and an individual price in person. Please make an appointment for a no-commitment consultation.

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