Plex R®

Skin firming without a scalpel

Plex R®

Removing skin changes using the latest plasma technology

Our skin is extremely resistant, yet the signs of the times do not pass us by without leaving their mark. Pigment spots or age-related tissue weakness may occur. In contrast to complex surgical procedures, the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER now offers the innovative PlexR® method for treatment of the entire body, which lifts sagging skin areas and tired eyes without a recovery period.

How the PlexR® plasma generator works

The principle of the PlexR® technique is based on the removal of external skin layers without surgical intervention and without leaving any traces. This is made possible by the generated plasma, whose particles can be used in a similar way to a micro-blade, but do not penetrate into the deep layers of skin and therefore do not leave burns or cuts. Another advantage: PlexR® accelerates the healing process and leads to a tightening of the connective tissue, which also smooths wrinkles.

Lots of body and facial treatment options with PlexR®

This innovative method can be used in many ways. For example, many unattractive skin changes can be easily and effectively removed from the upper layers of the skin, such as age-related pigment spots on the back of the hands or smaller scars. Even tattoo removal and vaginal tightening are possible with PlexR®. PlexR® is also used as an anaesthetic method. Ring block anaesthesia places small selective plasma spots in a ring around the area being treated and has a calming effect on the nerve fibres. Although plasma technology can be used on many parts of the body, the most common applications are on the face. In this area in particular, skin is exposed to environmental influences such as UV radiation or temperature fluctuations without protection. But increasing age also affects the complexion sooner or later.

Goodbye tired eyes

The PlexR® eyelid lift, known medically as blepharoplasty, is particularly worth mentioning here. The advantage: in contrast to conventional procedures, drooping eyelids can be tightened without the need for surgery. But the rejuvenation of the face, so-called fractional PlexR® resurfacing, is also becoming increasingly popular. So the PlexR® pen’s areas of application range from the tightening of expression lines and crow’s feet to the treatment of acne, scars and pigment spots. Collapsed cell envelopes are straightened up (wrinkle treatment), unsightly skin changes are removed (scar treatment) and even abnormal tissue such as skin tumours is removed after plasma irradiation.

Information about the PlexR® treatment

An anaesthetic cream is applied to the area being treated beforehand. This makes the treatment particularly pleasant. Then the pen-shaped, cordless PlexR® is targeted at the skin with its tip. The plasma current produces its effect precisely where the skin is to be tightened. The treatment is virtually painless and only associated with a slight feeling of warmth.

A session takes around 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. One single treatment is usually sufficient for a satisfactory result. If desired, the treatment can also be repeated after a few weeks or months.

As small scabs form after the treatment, up to seven days’ recovery should be expected. Swelling may also possibly occur. Slight redness is still visible for two to four weeks after healing.

Small scabs form after treatment. These scabs must not be removed under any circumstances, as this can lead to unsightly scars. If you like, you can cover the scabs with make-up. You must be extremely careful when washing and drying your face. A high sun protection factor of 50+ is also essential in the first two to four weeks, as this protects against possible pigment changes.

The first results are already visible after one treatment. The skin’s elasticity is improved, and the treated areas are tightened.

PlexR® is a simple treatment that is gentle on the tissue and achieves excellent results with a short healing time. As a rule, no serious complications are therefore to be expected. Nevertheless, as with any aesthetic procedure, any wound healing disorders, infections, or scarring must be pointed out.

Our patients’ frequently asked questions

Thanks to the anaesthetic cream, the treatment using the PlexR® is not usually associated with any pain. Only the slight development of heat and smell of burnt skin is often experienced as unpleasant during the treatment.

Compared to laser, the skin is not damaged just stimulated when applying PlexR®. The high-energy plasma particles penetrate the skin layers and trigger a firming effect as a result. With the laser, on the other hand, the skin is deliberately damaged to initiate a healing process.

Plasma is also often described as the fourth state of matter of particles. If gas is supplied with sufficient energy, a cloud of positively charged ions surrounded by free electrons is formed. This cloud is called plasma.

Since the PlexR® ionises the ambient air, it is mainly nitrogen (78.08%) and oxygen (20.95%).

No, plasma is not dangerous for the patient’s or the doctor’s eyes. It is therefore not necessary to wear special eye protection.
A detailed overview of the versatile PlexR® range of applications is also available on the manufacturer’s official website.

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