The ultrasonic lifting method

Lifting without surgery

Sagging skin around the neck, pleated lines around the mouth, lines around the eyes or a wrinkled cleavage can be impressively reduced using Ultherapy. The ultrasound lifting method has been an absolute bestseller in the USA and in Europe for years. The reason: the device’s ultrasound energy is administered at three different skin depths, so a natural looking, multidimensional lifting result can be expected without any incisions or scars. The Ulthera releases the energy directly into the skin in a targeted manner, gradually stimulating collagen production in the dermis as a result. Excess tissue is tightened, and the skin looks visibly smoother.

We also work with the Turbo Ultherapy method as another version of the classic Ulthera method. This further development combines four effective soft treatments, which provide skin tightening with a mini lifting effect. The first step is a combination treatment of Ultherapy applied externally and the Fotona 4D laser applied from the oral cavity. All tissue layers can be reached as a result. Then the lipodissove injection dissolves the sunken fat cells in the chin and neck area. An additional tightening effect is achieved with the help of a radio frequency cannula, which removes adhesions in the subcutaneous tissue and smooths it from the inside out through the warming effect. Sagging chins and cheeks, saggy jowels, double chins, but also the neck area and loose upper arms can be treated.

Informations about the Ultherapy

Ultherapy refers to a successful and highly effective lunchtime lift that uses highly focused ultrasound, in combination with optical ultrasound, to penetrate around four millimetres deep into the dermis to warm up the connective tissue there to 65 to 70 degrees. The thermal effect results in an instantly visible effect by shrinking the collagen and a long-term effect by stimulating the fibroblasts.

Gravity has an ever-greater influence on our skin with increasing age. There are often sagging areas especially around the eyelids and eyebrows, but also on the cheeks, chin and neck. Ultherapy offers the possibility of having hamster cheeks, a double chin or a turkey neck successfully treated, especially for men and women over the age of 40, for whom a surgical procedure is beyond question. In addition to the face, mainly the lower parts of the face, the neck and the cleavage, Ultherapy is also aimed at creased skin on the upper arms.

The skin is numbed with a cream beforehand. After marking the areas to be treated and applying the ultrasound gel, the doctor places the Ultherapy handpiece on the skin. The transducer is then moved over the skin following a specific pattern. The depth to which the ultrasound pulses are applied is determined by the individual skin condition.

The treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes. One session is usually enough.

The Ultherapy treatment does not require a recovery period. Patients can go outside againimmediately . After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red, but these irritations subside after a few hours.

The treatment is not associated with any restrictions. As the skin remains completely intact, you can even apply make-up or execise as usual.

As a minimally invasive alternative to the classic face lift, Ultherapy results in a firming lifting effect. However, a bit of patience is required before the effect becomes visible. The result is in fact only apparent after about 180 days.

A tingling sensation may be felt on the skin a few days after the treatment. There may be slight swelling or temporary sensitivity to touch as well.

We offer the advanced Ultherapy procedure as a further development of the Ulthera method at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER. We can achieve improved results in the lower half of the face as well as the neck and cleavage by combining Ultherapy with the lipodissolve injection. The first step is the regular Ulthera treatment, where the device’s concentrated ultrasound tightens the excess tissue and stimulates collagen production deep under the skin surface. Then the lipodissolve injection is injected into the treated area several times. The first effects are visible after about four weeks. The final lifting effect gradually develops after three to six months.


Ultherapy gets to the deepest layers of the skin, which can otherwise only be reached by surgical procedure or a facelift. Nevertheless, Ultherapy is a minimally invasive method that does not require any surgery. Without any telltale signs on the skin, you can resume your everyday activities straight after the procedure. This is not possible with many comparable methods.

Ultherapy is a very safe, certified treatment method. Our practice was awarded the Ultherapy Award in 2014 and 2015, as an Ultherapy Top User. Ultherapy also received the “Best Energy-based Device” Award in 2018/19.

No, most patients only feel a sensation of warmth or a slight tingling sensation on the skin during the treatment, which may be perceived as unusual, but in no way painful.

Ultherapy cannot be compared to a surgical procedure. Nevertheless, ultrasound lifting can certainly be an alternative, especially for those who would like to postpone a classic facelift or are explicitly only considering a minimally invasive method.

It is difficult to give a general answer to this question. As a rule, though, the result lasts up to five years, as long as the skin is not excessively exposed to the sun.

Yes, definitely! Recent studies even prove the unique firming effect on arms, armpits, and knees.

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