Soft lift threads

Innovative thread lifting in Munich


Over the years, the elastic fibers in the face become less taut and the fat deposits drop. The result is loose, excessive skin around the jawline and drooping, tired-looking facial features. In the past, only a face lift could help in such cases, but many patients shy away from this procedure, which involves general anesthesia. At HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER, we offer a gentle alternative to the scalpel and general anesthesia in the form of thread lifts with absorbable soft lift threads which provide a long-lasting lifting and regenerative effect.

This treatment involves inserting fine threads made of polylactic acid into the skin. The threads and the attached biodegradable cones allow our doctors to give the area concerned more definition by lifting the tissue and pulling it together. The result is an immediate and subtle lifting effect. The volume-enhancing impact of the soft lift threads is visible after treatment. The resorption of the polylactic acid-based thread material stimulates the skin’s own natural collagen production and new connective tissue is formed which additionally tightens the skin from inside. Polylactic acid is a polymer which is fully absorbable and biocompatible with human tissue. The soft lift threads dissolve very slowly and do not migrate under the skin like previous threads.

Treatment takes around 30 to 45 minutes using local anesthesia. Depending on the area of treatment, we use two or more threads. Unlike conventional lifting, the procedure does not involve any wounds, just two small insertion points per thread. Minor swelling and bruising may occur after treatment.

For very saggy cheeks, soft lift threads can be combined with injection lipolysis, a minor liposuction treatment or a tightening Ultherapy treatment.

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