DOCTOR DUVE Smart Aging Concept

Bodystyling – firm without any stress

Bodystyling – firm without any stress

Muscles and youthfulness are closely linked. In other words: ageing is largely the result of tired, shrinking muscles as muscle strength decreases with age – unfortunately beginning at the age of 30. The consequence: saggy skin on the body and in the face, droopy areas and less defined shapes. This doesn’t just have an impact on appearance, though; active muscles also protect against cardiovascular diseases, have an anti-osteoporosis effect, reduce the risk of getting some types of cancer and make you happy, because exercise releases endorphins, the body’s own happy hormones. Due to all these reasons I consider fitness to be a fundamental basis in terms of smart ageing. This is why it has a permanent place in my concept. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be exhausting power sports, easy exercise like walking or leisurely cycling also count, since


EVERY additional step turns the age clock back a tiny little bit. And if you want to do more exercise, you don’t have to necessarily acquire a taste for jogging or working out on weights machines, perhaps you’ll find your very own personal enlightenment with yoga. Or discover how Pilates or barre fusion fitness at the ballet barre can even reshape your body again at age 50+. Together with fitness experts, we elaborate your very own personal body styling plan and/or put you in touch with a personal trainer that suits you and your goals.

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