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If you take a closer look at modern training methods, you will see that almost all of them target the core muscles in the middle of the body. In yoga, for example, the so-called “powerhouse”, which is activated by tensing the “corset muscle”, diaphragm, spinal column muscles and pelvic floor, plays a crucial role. However, these deep muscles are often only poorly developed, even in very athletic people. In order to strengthen the core muscles without much effort, we are now offering our patients the option of treatment using the revolutionary BTL EMSELLA chair. Already successfully used by professional athletes, the chair builds up the pelvic floor simply by sitting on it, thus increasing athletic performance, helping to improve strength and endurance as well as generally enhancing the quality of life.

Informations about the BTL Emsella method

The term EMSELLA is composed of EM (stands for electromagnetic) and Sella (Latin for chair). This is a special chair that uses strong electromagnetic energy to achieve supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor.

The patient sits comfortably on the chair fully dressed. The innovative technology leads to the comprehensive retraining of the entire pelvic floor muscles without any effort, simply by sitting down. The treatment takes about 30 minutes. During this time, the patient only feels a slight tingling and contraction in the pelvic floor muscles. The Cool-Flow technology integrated into the chair, which ensures a permanent supply of cooling, further enhances the comfort.

The BTL EMSELLA works with focused electromagnetic energy, which is emitted with extraordinary precision and triggers the deep penetration of the pelvic floor muscles. Just one single session provides thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which not only strengthen the pelvic floor muscles but also the lower back, abdominal muscles and therefore the entire body’s core. The resulting tightening provides better support for the internal organs, optimises performance, and promotes a more confident appearance. Stronger pelvic floor muscles also improve sexuality and, as a side effect, prevent urinary incontinence in both men and women or alleviate existing bladder weakness.

Increasingly used in professional sports, the treatment is intended for all patients suffering from a weak pelvic floor. The aim of the treatment is to strengthen the body’s core and therefore not just to increase performance but also enhance general well-being. In the medical field, BTL EMSELLA is primarily used to treat existing incontinence, more often called a weak bladder. If used early on, surgery can be avoided.

The 30-minute application is completely painless and takes place fully clothed. Called a walk-in walk-out treatment, this non-invasive method can even be carried out at lunchtime. The method does not require a recovery period. All your everyday activities can be resumed as usual afterwards.

Successfully used in the USA for several years, one session already achieves a significant improvement in digestion, your sex life, sleeping rhythm and body tension. Scientific studies have also shown a significant effect in the treatment of a weak bladder and frequent urination.

Correct. Although the innovative treatment method has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration primarily for the treatment of urinary incontinence, the electromagnetic waves are also responsible for better orgasms as a side effect. The BTL EMSELLA strengthens the ten pelvic floor muscles so that women can consciously tense them. The increased blood circulation in this area enhances the sensation during sexual intercourse, which allows orgasms to be perceived more intensely.

The first positive effects can already be felt after one session. We recommend six sessions over a period of three weeks to intensify the result. The final result can then be expected after three to six months.


It is not only increasing age, but also births or the menopause that have an influence on the pelvic floor muscles. In the worst case, the poorly developed muscles then cause women to lose the ability to contract the muscles.

No, not at all. Men also benefit from a stronger core. You will not only become more powerful, but also gain strength and endurance. This is confirmed by more and more professional athletes who are deliberately integrating the BTL EMSELLA into their daily training sessions.

An effect is already noticeable after the first session. We nevertheless recommend a course of six sessions in total for the best possible and, above all, long-lasting results.

Correct, you simply sit down on the BTL EMSELLA in your regular clothes and have the time for example, to read a magazine, check your emails or just relax during the 30-minute treatment.

No, definitely not. The unique BTL EMSELLA method is not associated with any pain. Just a slight tingling sensation can be felt during the treatment, the intensity of which depends on the individually selected training level. Recovery time does not have to be planned after the treatment so the BTL EMSELLA is the perfect lunchtime treatment.

This does happen and is a side effect of BTL EMSELLA. The reason for this is that by strengthening the pelvic floor, it can be tensed more consciously and in a more controlled manner. This stimulates the blood circulation and allows sexual intercourse and orgasms to be experienced much more intensely.

We offer our patients attractive package prices. We will be happy to advise you in detail about our financing options.

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