Drip Spa

Natural revitalization of the body

Drip Spa

Innovative infusion therapy for a healthy, revitalised body

In today’s society, our demands on ourselves and other people’s expectations concerning our own performance range from high to very high. This means that our bodies and metabolism must also deliver a high level of performance. In the majority of cases, the signs that you have reached your personal stress limit may not be obvious, and these signs are often ignored to begin with. However, the various

symptoms will always come to light at some point: Difficulties concentrating, problems sleeping, weight issues or a general deterioration in skin complexion are clear signs that the body has lost its balance. Stress saps energy and vitamins to a remarkable extent, and the consequences can run deep into the body’s metabolism.

In order to successfully counteract this phenomenon, we have developed the new, exclusive
Drip Spa programme here at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER skincare clinic in Munich. This holistic concept is more than just a vitamin refill. Using specially selected elements from various infusions, it stimulates the body’s own deep regeneration processes. High doses of active substances are inserted directly into the bloodstream via a drip, without detouring through the gastrointestinal tract – which is what usually occurs with capsules.

At the beginning of every Drip Spa Infusion Therapy session, a comprehensive check-up of the patient’s medical history is carried out to uncover any nutrient deficiencies and to determine the key indications. The programme comprises six different infusions. One session lasts around 30 to 45 minutes.

We recommend Infusion Therapy as a course of treatment – at least once a year – with a total of eight sessions over a period of four weeks. The result: A rehydrated and regenerated metabolism and body.

Informations about the Drip Spa

The Drip Spa refers to infusions that supply the body with individually selected, high-dose active ingredients in a very specific way. The holistic concept is much more than just a vitamin refill, it stimulates the body’s own deep regeneration. The special feature: the vitamin mix is administered intravenously and all of it enters the blood.

The programme includes a total of six infusions that treat various symptoms: difficulties concentrating, fatigue, sleep disturbances, weight problems, excessive stress and persistent energy loss in both men and women.

At the beginning of every Drip Spa infusion therapy, a detailed case history is taken to identify nutrient deficiencies and determine the necessary indications. Only then is the high-dose infusion of the active ingredient fed directly into the bloodstream without any detours via the gastrointestinal tract, as is usual with a capsule. Except for the insertion of the needle, the treatment is completely painless.

One session takes about 30 to 45 minutes. We recommend infusion therapy as a course of treatment at least once a year with a total of eight treatments over a period of four weeks.

The Drip Spa treatment does not require a recovery period. In rare cases, temporary nausea or dizziness may occur after the infusion.

There are no rules to be followed after the infusion.

The result of a Drip Spa treatment is a rehydrated and regenerated metabolism and body.

The Drip Spa is a low-risk method, provided it is performed by an experienced medical practitioner with the appropriate knowledge. Overdoses can, for example, lead to kidney and liver damage.


When taken in capsule form, vitamin preparations, for example, are sometimes difficult to be absorbed via the digestive tract. With infusions a high dose of vitamins, nutrients, etc. can be administered to the body in a controlled manner in a noticeably short time. Unlike conventional food supplements, these vitamins and nutrients enter the bloodstream immediately and therefore have an instant effect.

Absolutely no. Although an infusion completely replenishes the empty vitamin reserves in the body, it is by no means a substitute for a balanced, healthy diet, but should rather be regarded as a supplement.

The Drip Spa programme includes a total of six different infusions. Each one consists of a mix of saline solution, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and electrolytes, which provide the body with a holistic energy kick depending on the concentration.

As the active ingredients are fed directly into the bloodstream, the effect is already noticeable straight after the session.

A detailed case history is carried out before every treatment to identify the current symptoms. A personalised Drip Spa can be selected based on this analysis, which instantly refills the body’s out-of-balance vitamin and nutrient reserves.

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Drip Spa

Drip Spa Detoxshot

Due to increasing hyperacidity, an unbalanced diet, too much stress or a lack of exercise, there are higher amounts of harmful substances accumulating in connective tissue and the body’s cells.

Drip Spa Energybooster F & M

The essential importance of hormone metabolism for our body and our mental state has been known for a long time.

Drip Spa Powershot

The essential importance of hormone metabolism for our body and our mental state has been known for a long time.

Drip Spa Slimbooster

To reduce weight in the long term, it is essential to do sufficient exercise and adapt your diet accordingly.

Drip Spa Slow Down

A constant increase in physical and mental performance can place too much strain on the body.

Drip Spa Vitalglow

Firm skin, strong nails and shiny hair play a major role in forming your external appearance.

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