Drip Spa Detoxshot


Drip Spa Detoxshot

Due to increasing hyperacidity, an unbalanced diet, too much stress or a lack of exercise, there are higher amounts of harmful substances accumulating in connective tissue and the body’s cells. However, our body doesn’t just absorb harmful substances from the environment or the food we eat – during the body’s normal metabolic processes, substances arise which our body then immediately disposes of. This job is carried out by the liver, kidneys, lymph and also our skin.

In times of high physical and psychological stress, our body gets pushed to its limits and quickly becomes overstrained. Metabolites are then incorrectly diverted, which in turn affects the functionality of the cells. The result: We feel exhausted, we can’t concentrate, and we simply cannot perform at our best.

The Detoxshot Infusion specifically targets the liver and kidneys to reactivate the body’s own metabolic
processes. Along with amino acids, magnesium and copper, it also uses manganese and cobalt. The Drip Spa Detoxshot is perfect for assisting with an annual detox programme. Our experts recommend a course of treatment once a year, with a total of eight sessions over a period of four weeks.

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