Drip Spa Slimbooster


Drip Spa Slimbooster

To reduce weight in the long term, it is essential to do sufficient exercise and adapt your diet accordingly. A healthy diet is also one of the requirements for a healthy intestinal flora. Evidence shows that an imbalance in intestinal flora can result in more calories being gained from food than under normal circumstances – which then ultimately leads to a big difference on the scales.

As an accompanying measure alongside a change in diet to reduce weight, it is important that the body is also cleaned up on the inside. This can be done, for example, by stimulating lymph circulation and the body’s own metabolic processes. The experts at our practice know this, so they developed the so-called Slimbooster Infusion. It also contains vitamins B6 and B12 for appetite control. It is known from the sports sector that L-carnitine facilitates the breakdown of fat, while L-glutamine and magnesium encourage the build-up of Plural.

Green tea leaf extracts also stimulate greater lymph circulation, which supports water excretion and leads to a more streamlined figure. The Drip Spa Slimbooster is perfect as part of a diet or as a supportive treatment alongside a fasting or partial fasting detox programme.

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