Drip Spa Energybooster F & M


Drip Spa Energybooster F & M

The essential importance of hormone metabolism for our body and our mental state has been known for a long time. Fluctuations and imbalances can quickly be felt as a general loss of energy, significantly affecting our physical and mental resilience. Women suffer more frequently from a diminished psychological resilience, while men will usually find their physical resilience is more affected.

Specifically tailored to the needs of both men and women, and thanks to its vitamin B complex, the Drip Spa Energybooster Infusion gently rebalances the hormone metabolism for the long term, ensuring an increased feeling of well-being and more energy. In combination with folic acid, both the women’s and men’s versions of the infusion improve mental and physical performance. In addition, the Drip Spa Energybooster F, especially designed for women, also regulates the female cycle and prevents pain and emotional moods.

Whether it’s used with men or women, the Energybooster Infusion is a real all-round solution and a powerful energiser. We recommend a course of Energybooster treatment with eight infusions over a period of four weeks, at least once a year.

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