Skin boosters

Hyaluron injection for perfect skin

Skin boosters

Water-retaining hyaluron is found naturally in the body. The body’s own hyaluron content decreases continuously with increasing age. We use skin boosters at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER to compensate for dehydration and the skin’s resulting low tissue coverage. The innovative concept based on stabilised hyalurons was developed especially for the hydration of skin to treat all signs of ageing (e. g. loss of tissue tension and elasticity, wrinkling, photoaging) as well as sunken acne scars. Skin boosters supply the skin with valuable moisture from the inside, thus contributing to a long-lasting, visible improvement in the overall skin quality.

Informations about skin boosters

While a hyaluron filler is used to replenish the volume at localised points on the face and to balance out wrinkles in a targeted manner, with the skin booster treatment, moisturising reserves are injected into the skin over large areas. These reserves made of soft hyaluron gel serve as a kind of water reservoir, which continuously supplies the skin deep inside with moisture, a bit like a flower that is starting to wilt that then blooms again once topped up with new water. After the skin booster treatment, the skin not only appears firmer and plumper, it also looks significantly more radiant and fresher.

This innovative concept can be used for a wide range of treatment options. Besides improving the overall skin quality on the face, the neck, the cleavage and the hands can also be treated. But skin boosters also contribute to a considerable improvement in the skin structure with acne scars or light damage too.

First, the appropriate skin booster is selected according to the individual needs and skin type. Some contain an effective anaesthetic to ensure that the treatment is as pleasant as possible. Alternatively an anaesthetic cream can be applied before the treatment. A blunt micro cannula is used to inject the skin booster into the skin, which guarantees an almost painless treatment. Thanks to the practical click system, the skin boosters can be administered and distributed precisely and evenly.

The treatment usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

A recovery period is not required. However, you may experience some slight redness and swelling in the treatment area after the gentle treatment. These usually subside by themselves within a few days. Since the skin booster is injected into the skin using just a few puncture points, the risk of bruising is also reduced to a minimum.

After the treatment, temporary swelling may occur in the treatment area. To reduce any possible swelling, we recommend applying a cooling pad to the treatment site immediately after the injection. If redness or bruising does occur contrary to expectations, these can be covered with make-up after 24 hours without any worries. Care should also be taken to avoid excessive sunlight and extreme cold until the initial swelling and redness has subsided completely.

Micro reservoirs of hyaluron are injected into the skin during the treatment. Thanks to its water-retaining properties, the stabilised hyaluron absorbs water in the dermis and supplies the skin with long-lasting moisture down to the deep layers. The overall skin quality is significantly improved – for up to twelve months.

The hyaluron in the skin boosters is similar to the body’s own hyaluron in its composition and is therefore characterised by its good tolerability. Nevertheless, the treatment should only be carried out by medically qualified dermatologists.


We recommend a course of two to three treatments at intervals of every four weeks, depending on the desired result. To maintain the effect in the long term, the injection should be refreshed regularly, about every six months.

This innovative treatment concept inserts large water reservoirs under the skin, which are slowly and completely degraded again over several months. These reserves ensure a holistic result by improving the overall skin quality and giving it a fresh, radiant appearance thanks to deep hydration. A natural looking result can be guaranteed as a result.

The skin boosters can be used on their own or in combination with other treatments, e. g. fillers, peels, or laser treatments, as required. We will be happy to advise you with regards to this in person.

By administering the skin boosters with the micro cannula and a local anaesthetic being added to the product, the treatment is almost painless.

Patients with a known allergy to hyaluron-based products should refrain from a skin booster treatment. The same applies to patients who suffer from an active skin disease (e. g. inflammation) in the area to be treated.

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