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The Harmony Laser sets new standards in terms of versatility and reliability in medical and cosmetic treatments and is suitable for use in a broad range of applications. One function is Harmony-ST Infra-red, which firms the skin and connective tissue without injuring its upper layers. The special pulsed light heats the lower layers of the skin to between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius, thereby firming worn collagen fibres. Meanwhile, fibroblasts are stimulated to promote the production of new collagen. The desired firming effect usually occurs after three to five sessions. Apart from a deep warm feeling, the treatment is pain free and usually involves no visible side effects or periods of incapacity. At the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER we can treat all slackened areas of the body using the Harmony-ST Infra-red. The treatment is best suited to the eye area, décolletage, sagging upper arms, or loose skin in the stomach area, for example after a pregnancy.

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