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Dermatology at the highest level
The skin is the largest and perhaps also the most sensitive human organ. It is our protective shield. Its condition varies greatly from one individual to the next, and says a lot about what we have subjected our bodies to over the years. It is not for nothing that the skin is sometimes called the “mirror of the soul”. The skin is the only one of our organs that is directly and relentlessly exposed to the environment and its influences every day. Genetic predispositions such as allergies and venous disorders often also contribute to throwing the skin out of balance.

Due to these numerous influences and their effects, dermatology is also divided up into different specialist fields, all of which are included in the treatment range of our practice. There are around 3,000 different known skin diseases. Some of these are very common and harmless, but some others are very rare and sometimes even fatal. In our present society, allergic and sun-related skin diseases are constantly on the rise. For example, operations on skin cancer or preliminary stages of skin cancer are now, globally, among the most frequent of all interventions carried out as out-patient procedures in the practices of medical specialists. We are happy to be at your disposal with the medical advice of seven dermatologists at the Munich HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER.

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