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Effective treatments for teens and adults

Stress, poor nutrition, environmental factors and a genetic predisposition often result in impurities, spots, blackheads and in severe cases acne or similar afflictions like rosacea. This occasionally even occurs in patients who are well beyond puberty, because around 20 % of men and up to 40 % of women suffer from adult acne. It usually begins between the ages of 30 and 40.

At HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER, we offer both teenagers and adults an extensive range of acne treatments in medical cosmetics which are carried out by our trained beauticians.

Acne Classic Facial

Our expert beauticians cleanse the skin, remove impurities and apply a soothing mask to support the regeneration of the skin. Duration of treatment: at least 30 minutes

Acne Deluxe Facial

This form of treatment gives us more time for intense cleansing. Afterwards, we apply a peeling substance and treat your skin with a high frequency unit, ultrasound device or a special mask. Duration of treatment: at least 45 minutes

Acne fruit acid package

This effective treatment package comprises three fruit acid treatments plus a microdermabrasion. The type and concentration of fruit acid is tailored to your specific needs. Duration of treatment: at least 45 minutes

Acne treatment with blue LED light or blue laser light

Blue light therapy soothes skin which is irritated and inflamed due to acne. The blue light destroys acne-activating proprionibacteria and leads to reduced sebum production. With a wavelength of 465 nm, the blue light also refines the skin and makes it clearer. To achieve quick results, one session should be carried out twice a week for two weeks, followed by one session per week to improve complexion in the long term. Duration of treatment: 15 minutes

Yellow laser light against large pores

Yellow laser light permeates the sebaceous glands, generating heat to reduce sebum production. After a few sessions, the pores become visibly smaller. Duration of treatment: 15 minutes

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