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DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Powershot


The immune system continuously protects the body from viruses and bacteria. However, if the
defences are weakened and fragmented, this can result in signs of tiredness, as well as an increase in infections or allergies.

In order to strengthen your body’s inner defence system for the long term, we offer the DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Powershot at our practice. The immune system infusion contains high doses of vitamin C, which eliminates free radicals and protects your body against oxidative stress. Another important component of the infusion is zinc, along with the trace elements selenium and copper, which work together to increase the body’s defences and therefore make it harder for pathogens to enter. The Powershot Infusion is completed with amino acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B12 and magnesium. This quartet improves the body’s supply of minerals and helps the detoxification organs – the liver,
kidneys and spleen – to carry out their functions. The DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Powershot treatment is particularly recommended for the time of year when common colds are rife, as well as in the event of allergies or during periods of prolonged stress.

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