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In today’s society, our demands on ourselves and other people’s expectations concerning our own performance range from high to very high. This means that our bodies and metabolism must also deliver a high level of performance. In the majority of cases, the signs that you have reached your personal stress limit may not be obvious, and these signs are often ignored to begin with. However, the various

symptoms will always come to light at some point: Difficulties concentrating, problems sleeping, weight issues or a general deterioration in skin complexion are clear signs that the body has lost its balance. Stress saps energy and vitamins to a remarkable extent, and the consequences can run deep into the body’s metabolism.

In order to successfully counteract this phenomenon, we have developed the new, exclusive
DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa programme here at the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER skincare clinic in Munich. This holistic concept is more than just a vitamin refill. Using specially selected elements from various infusions, it stimulates the body’s own deep regeneration processes. High doses of active substances are inserted directly into the bloodstream via a drip, without detouring through the gastrointestinal tract – which is what usually occurs with capsules.

At the beginning of every DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Infusion Therapy session, a comprehensive check-up of the patient’s medical history is carried out to uncover any nutrient deficiencies and to determine the key indications. The programme comprises six different infusions. One session lasts around 30 to 45 minutes.

We recommend Infusion Therapy as a course of treatment – at least once a year – with a total of eight sessions over a period of four weeks. The result: A rehydrated and regenerated metabolism and body.

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