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Liftmassage München Siegel
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Effective anti-aging treatment with LPG

Lift massages for the face, neck and cleavage are a step forward from the LPG high-tech lipo massage , which is used to treat cellulite for example. A lift massage is a pleasant, relaxing and highly effective treatment which restructures the individual layers of tissue in the skin. The stimulating effect continues within the deeper layers of the connective tissue. After just three to five sessions, the skin and connective tissue become firmer. Wrinkles are minimized, blemishes are corrected and the skin’s complexion is enhanced to achieve a long-lasting effect.

A session lasts around 20 minutes. To achieve the best results possible, we recommend a spa treatment package for our patients which comprises twelve sessions, starting with two sessions per week with at least one day between sessions. After the spa treatment cycle, one session every two to four weeks is ideal for maintaining the benefits.

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