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As we age, we increasingly develop droopy eyelids and laughter lines as a result of the breakdown of connective tissue fibres and the associated loss of the skin’s elasticity. Until now, the droopy lids could only be lifted using a surgical eyelid lifting procedure. At the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER, we offer a modern, non-invasive alternative in the form of the innovative PlexR.

Every skin cell has a membrane, the inside of which has a negative charge and the outside of which has a positive charge. Natural aging means that the electrical charge is unequally distributed. The skin loses its elasticity and starts to droop. PlexR increases the elasticity potential of the membrane again. The innovative method is based on unique plasma technology. The plasma generated by PlexR forms a cloud of charged particles, which can accurately strip away very thin layers of skin without cuts or scars, as if like a micro-blade. An accelerated healing impulse is also triggered, which leads to targeted remodelling of the tissue. An anaesthetic cream is applied before treatment with the pen-like, wireless PlexR then begins. This results in the raising of sunken cell envelopes. In addition, the collagen fibres contract and the skin becomes considerably more elastic.

As well as correcting the eyelids, PlexR can also be used to tauten skin on the face and body as well as treating acne and removing pigmented spots. For example, fine lines on the upper lip and in front of the ears and creases on the cheeks can be treated. The initial results can be seen after just one treatment. If required or to further improve the results, the PlexR treatment can be repeated after a few weeks. Thanks to the local anaesthetic ointment, treatment with the PlexR is virtually painless. You only feel a slightly warm feeling during treatment. Slight swelling can occur for three days after the treatment and small scabs may also occur in the treated area for four to seven days after. In the first two to four weeks after treatment, you must use a high sun protection factor of 50+.

Treatment information

  • Duration From 30 minutes per region
  • Downtime Potentially some swelling, scab formation for three to seven days
  • Number of treatments One treatment

Fields of use

  • Eyelids
  • Upper lip
  • Cheeks

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