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Nutritional consulting at Haut- und Laserzentrum an der Oper

Regardless of whether body contouring is carried out using cryolipolysis or other methods of achieving long-lasting weight loss – a perfectly adjusted metabolism is essential. The lack of an optimal metabolism means the unwanted yo-yo effect is inevitable. Our certified nutritional consultants carry out an extensive analysis of your individual situation and dietary habits at the beginning of each consultation. During a personal discussion, all the key information on your history as well as your objectives for the program are recorded and a personalized nutritional concept is drawn up for you based on this discussion.

eScan analysis

HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER is offering its patients a new service to help them lose weight: a metabolic test using the innovative eScan measuring device. As part of a 30-minute analysis, one of our nutritional consultants will guide you through the test and then evaluate the results with you in a personal discussion. The measurement procedure is simple: all you need to do is breath calmly in and out of a special mouthpiece for around three to five minutes. The eScan assesses your breath and produces a personal metabolic profile in an eight-page report. The evaluation reveals more about your impediments to weight loss, your resting caloric expenditure, calorie and energy requirements, the effectiveness of your metabolism, your sugar and fat burning rate and the oxygen uptake of your cells. If all readings are in the green zone, nothing stands in your way when it comes to successfully reducing body fat, be it through cryolipolysis or a conventional weight reduction method. If the reading points to a disrupted metabolism, reducing fat tissue will be difficult. In such cases, the metabolism can be brought back on track in the long term with the help of holistic metabolic coaching.

Metabolic coaching

The eScan metabolic analysis forms the basis of metabolic coaching. We will draw up a suitable nutritional plan together with you, which also involves exercise and other metabolism enhancing measures. Your metabolism is also monitored at regular intervals with a renewed eScan reading to ensure progress.

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