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In our society, tattoos are far more than just body art. They often have a very special and very personal meaning that underlines the wearer’s individuality. However, our love for a particular tattoo may not last a lifetime, and in such cases we often wish to remove the tattoo completely. Another alternative is to extend the tattoo or cover it up with a new one. This can also involve removing sections of the existing tattoo. The HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER removes tattoos using lasers. For black, blue, brown and green pigments we use a ruby laser. A Neodym-Yag laser is used to remove orange and red pigments. There are hardly any effective treatments for yellow, white and violet pigments. Removing a tattoo usually involves a number of sessions at intervals of approximately four weeks. The scabs that form following treatment usually heal within a week, without leaving any scars. There is no need for anaesthesia.

Accidental tattoos, such as those caused by ink, dust or dirt getting into wounds, can also be removed by laser treatment.

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