FOCUS Top Mediziner 2016
FOCUS Top Mediziner 2015
FOCUS Top Mediziner 2014
FOCUS Top Mediziner 2013
IMCAS Annual World Congress 2017
VelaShape III Kettschik
VelaShape III Pignatelli
VelaShape III König
EACCME 5-Continent-Congress / Aesthetic and Laser Medicine 2016
5-Continent-Congress for Aesthetic and Laser Medicine 2016
Mini-Thread PDO Ultra V Lift, 2016
IMCAS Annual World Congress 2016
ISDS Spring Meeting, 2015
ISDS, 2015
Galderma Aesthetic Academy Zürich, 2015
Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition, 2015
IMCAS Annual World Congress 2015
IMCAS Annual Meeting 2014
Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, 2013
FACE Medical Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition, 2011
AMWC Training – Advanced Course in Facial Aesthetics, 2012
European Masters in Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine, 2010
Brazilian Society of Dermatology, 2010
Sculptra, Munich, 2010
International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology, 2010
BioForm Medical Europe Workshop, 2009
International Society of Dermatologic Surgery, 2009
European Masters in Asthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine, 2008
European Masters in Asthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine, 2007
Anti-Aging World Conference, 2006
21st Annual Scientific Meeting, 2005
European Masters in Asthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine, 2005
Congress of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, 2005
Congres National De Medecine Esthetique Et De Chirurgie Dermatologique, 2004
Mesotherapy Advanced Course, 2004
IMCAS 2002
Congres National De Medecine Esthetique, 2002
25th Hawaii Dermatology Seminar, 2001
Tumescent Liposuction Course, 1999
Fat Harvesting, Freezing and Small Volume Transfer Workshop, 1998
American Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery, 1997
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